Do you suffer from PMS?
By contactus
March 02, 2012
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Ladies, do you suffer from PMS?  When your medical doctor puts you on the pill for PMS, this will, in the long run make you worse.  The pill is synthetic estrogens that usually come from horse urine.  The synthetic estrogens will trick your body into thinking that it is pregnant, thus your PMS symptoms will decrease while you are on the pill. The synthetic estrogens from the pill will shut off your own natural production of estrogen.  So, when you go off the pill your body's own natural hormone balance will be all messed up!  Your symptoms will be worse!  Basically, the pill will decrease your symptoms at the time, but it will make the symptoms worse in the long run, and then when you want to have a baby after you go off the pill, it will make conception significantly more difficult.