Does the Cold Have An Affect on My Back Pain?
By Hermen Health
August 17, 2016
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Everyone experiences pain in different ways. Common triggers like changes in weather and extremes in cold, heat, or humidity will affect a broad range of people differently. For many, a sudden flare-up in joint or lower back pain can indicate that a cold snap is on the way, or signal the impending arrival of a long Minnesota winter. For pain sufferers, understanding individual triggers and paying Back Painattention to symptoms and how they are affected by environmental factors can help to design coping and treatment strategies to optimize comfort and minimize pain.

Back Pain Prevention and Treatment in Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Jill Hermen, a Minneapolis chiropractor, recommends heat therapy treatments for certain patients with sensitivity to colder weather. Keeping the muscles warm through activity and movement, applied heat, and warm clothing can help to prevent strain on the back muscles and offset the effects of colder temperatures during the long winter months.

Benefits of heat therapy for back pain:

  • Keeps the back muscles loose and relaxed
  • Increases circulation and flexibility to strained muscles
  • Decreases pain signals

When used as part of a comprehensive chiropractic treatment plan, heat therapy can offer necessary relief to allow back pain sufferers to engage in healing activities like stretching and strength training. Heat therapy can be applied in several ways:

  • Heating pads, wraps, and gel packs
  • Ultrasound technology

Heat therapy may not be appropriate for all patients. If you are suffering from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dermatitis, deep vein thrombosis, or other secondary medical conditions, contact Dr. Hermen to discuss alternatives for managing your back pain.

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