Have you been involved in a car accident?
By contactus
February 14, 2012
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Find a chiropractor ASAP!!  The longer you wait, the more pain and dysfunction you will experience.  Immediately after the accident, you may or may not choose to go to the emergency room.  If you do great, but if you don't there are things you should do at home to prevent the pain and dysfunction car accidents cause.  One thing to remember, never heat a new injury!  I like to use the pneumonic PRICE.

Protect the area of involvement.

Rest your body.  Do not clean, workout, or over do it immediately after the accident. 

Ice the area of pain.

Compress- If you have injured an arm or leg, wrap the limb with an ace bandage to keep the swelling down. 

Elevate- If you have injured an arm or leg, elevate the limb above your heart to prevent swelling.