Low back pain stretches
By contactus
February 17, 2012
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80% of Americans suffer from low back pain at some time in their life.  These numbers are staggering!  Now, we have to analyze why this is.  We as Americans lead very sedentary lives.  Even if you work out, as I do, we still sit the majority of the day.  We sit to eat, drive, work, and rest.  The vast majority of Americans have some sort of desk job.  We as humans are not meant to be sedentary.  To decrease the harmful effects of all this sitting, we need to open up our hips and stretch our hip flexors (the Psoas muscles).  Here is how to do it.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.  Take one extra large step in front of you and hold it there.  Always have a wall right next to you (on your side) for balance.   Bend that front leg.  Your front knee should never go past your toes; if they do, widen your stance.  Your back leg is straight and you're up on that back toe (your back heal is off the ground).  So, with your front leg bent and your back leg straight, rotate your hips towards your front leg.  Bring your shoulders and head up into proper posture and lean back just slightly.  Now, breathe.  Hold this stretch for 60 seconds and repeat on the other side.