Personal Injuries

How Can Your Chiropractor Help if You Suffer a Personal Injury?

There are many causes of personal injury. Whether you’ve been in an accident, or been lifting heavy objects or you are just getting older, personal injuries take a toll on your body. The pain can be acute, last for days or weeks, and then if you are lucky, the pain may go away on its own.

In many cases, the pain becomes chronic, leading to your body trying to compensate with poor posture, walking problems, and other coping mechanisms. Your chiropractor, Dr. Jill Hermen, of Hermen Health in Minneapolis, MN can help you recover from your personal injury.

The first step in treatment for personal injury is a thorough examination of your posture, limb measurements, balance, walking and reflexes. In some cases, an MRI or other imaging technique may be used to determine if there is a structural source for the problem.

Personal Injury Treatment

There are many effective treatment techniques Dr. Hermen may use to relieve pain and restore your mobility and function. In addition to over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and pain medication, she may suggest:

  • Chiropractic Adjustments -- which may include lumbar roll to realign our vertebrae, release work to separate your vertebrae, and table adjustments to allow more gentle adjustments, among others.
  • Ice Massage Therapy -- also called cryotherapy, which can reduce swelling, help minimize tissue damage, limit muscle spasms and temporarily numb painful soft tissue
  • Heat Therapy -- which helps to relax muscles and increase circulation; heat therapy dilates your blood vessels in the affected area, helping to boost healing. Heat also helps your muscles regain flexibility and strength.

These are just a few of the many treatments available in Minneapolis, depending on which areas of the body you have injured. Dr. Hermen will help you decide which treatments will be the most beneficial for your individual condition or injury. Don’t delay treatment for a personal injury, because early treatment often provides a much better outcome than waiting to see if the pain will go away on its own.

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